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Saturday, January 31, 2009

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is where you get paid to search different stuff online. And get paid to go shopping, refer others where if they win you get the same amount, or
Click on the link below and see what they have to offer. There's lots of chances that you can try to win prizes and make money referring and other stuff.

Swagbucks Link

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Save money subscribing to the magazines that you read

hey everyone.
I personally love magazines and am tired of wasting my precious money down the drain. I recommend that you all check this out and subscribe to the magazine(s) that you are interested in getting or currently reading.

Click on the banner down here.

Monday, January 26, 2009

TellAPal program

Hey. I just came across this opportunity where whenever someone order something under you as well as tell others, you get that extra $5 each.
I thought to join it because that extra $5 would come in handy and plus doing the multiple streams of income thing.
If everyone would come and check this out, I would appreciate it more and will spread the word about yours on my blog as a token of my appreciation.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Allvoices Article writing Site

Hey everyone.
i just signed up last night and would want to give you heads up about it.
First of all, I stumble upon it and I personally don't know anyone that write for them but it seem legit. I would have to do some more research.
The story with this is that you have seven months where there are three different options to choose from when it comes to payment.
The most you can get within seven months is $10k but I am going to give this a try.
Here is mine to see my profile on there.
AllVoices Site of Laurie's Profile
Please let me know what you think.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Daily Article As Another source to Make Money At

I thought to let everyone know about this site since I don't know anybody except one that knew about this site
I haven't stick any article up there yet but would like to spread the word since I wanted everyone to give me their opinion if can of what they think
I am still working on my first article to give you guys the heads up about it.
Hopefully, it will work out the way I wanted.
Until then, later.
Oh yeah. Here is the site

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Articles Pays Writers

Hi everyone.
I wanted to let everyone know about this and will keep you updated. I was suppose to get started this week with 10 articles but the guy hasn't replied back to me.
To know where to find the site, it is at Just Articles site to click on
I had been given a test to see if my article is good enough.
The articles have to be about home based business and the pay would be either $8 or $10 depending on how many words you use and what they required you to do for your payment.
This is another great site to check out and see for yourself.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yuwie, another social networking site that pays

Yuwie is not that new to me anymore since I know that lots of people know about it. It still doesn't hurt to let people know about Yuwie. I have been a member there and even though I am not a huge fan of it, I am still going to let you know about it in case you are not a member yet or just still thinking about whether to use your time to do this or not.
Yuwie profile and sign up
I do like the idea that I will get paid for it if it works. Better to get as much money as you can since we are still suffering due to the bad economy.
Why not make this work in the process?

zenzuu, a social networking place that pays

Hey once again.
I would also like to mention about this because I had known about it for a long while. It isn't really as new as the other two that I know of but been a member there ever since.
It is a ad revenue sharing site. Despite that I have no idea when you will get your money from the place, it doesn't hurt to try.
Check out the profile and see if this is something that you might be interested in getting paid for social networking.

Zenzuu to get paid
Some of you might get turned off by this but it's alright.
Let me know what you think. Their format for your profile looks different but interesting that they do the ad recenue sharing thing.

5dgr to get paid to network

In case some of you don't know about this one, here is your opportunity to profit. I like the fact that this place reminds me of myspace because of the format it is like and when I was a member at some mom site. Now that one is where only if you were invited by someone to join it.
6dgr has been around since who knows when but they have it where whenever someone joins under you, you get to make money but it's not coming out of their pocket.
6dgr profile to click

Take the opportunity to try to profit from it because this is so worth it. I personally didn't get enough views to get paid and still in the process to work on it.
If none of you know about it and would want to profit unlike facebook and myspace, take the time to do this. You won't regret it. get paid to network site like myspace and facebook

Check this out everyone. This is another get paid to network site such as like Yuwie and two other ones.

Why is this one also important to add where you can make money? Because as it is like what they say. Multiple streams of income.
Click on the ad and I hope that you will sign up.
Last month, they had a $10 to sign up but that offer is over.
They do pay 100% with this of ad revenue or what. NOt totally sure how that works but here it is folks.

Examiner as Another Great writing site.

Hey everyone. I always love to let as many people as I can about sites that are looking for writers. I have been writing for them since October but stopped and now back up.
Please check this out and if you are interested in writing for them, sign up from my link which there is a button on the right side stating that it is looking for writers.

Please check this out.
Examiner Profile of mine
They have a lot of openings so take advantage of it. Unlike AC though, they don't give you the chance to get the upfront payment but they pay $2.50 for every thousand views. I personally only got paid once so it's not the most reliable thing to get payment from. Some of these writers are working full time besides writing. So take the time to check this out.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Facebook used for businesses......

I know what you are thinking. Why bother? We have way too many. But you know what? You have no idea how useful it is like myspace. Despite that the goal for those two are mainly the same, at facebook, it is always private to everyone else until someone adds you or approve you for friendship on there where you get to see what is on their profile.
If you want to add me, it is at Facebook profile of Laurie Tam

If you don't have one, I recommend that you check it out.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Businesses use twitter to increase more viewers

I haven't been updating it since September so I had gotten around to it today. Mine are at Laurie1979's Twitter profile
I think it is a good product to use since lots of people I know are using it for their own business or update everyone of what's been going on. It is easy to update as I had just learn how and you can update it whenever you want.
You have the chance to network with as many people as you want.
Anyway, I recommend that you check this out and let me know by connecting with me.
Until then, later.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Associated Content to Make Money By Writing

Hey everyone. If any of you know about AC, it is a site that pays writers where they have the chance to get the upfront payment. I had been told recently that AC is a scam. I personally got paid upfront money by the company for six different articles out of seven. I have written more articles there and seeing if mine are good enough to get the upfront payment.
Associated Content Articles
That link is one of the articles that I got paid. Despite what most of them stating that it is a scam, it's not. It's probably because they didn't get the upfront payment whatsoever.
If you are trying to get some published pieces online, I recommend this site to try to get upfront money but they have three different options for each of your articles. If you never ever published any of the pieces, choose either the full rights to AC or choose the second option where you and AC get half of the rights equally for each one. But the difference is that the whole rights that you give to AC, the bigger the payment it would be.
Despite that they give you somewhat bigger payment, I prefer the second option so then I could reuse that same article and stick it at other places.
As for the third option, it is only for pieces that either didn't qualify to get the upfront money or had previously been published somewhere. Despite what that option may be, it is somewhar worth getting for the performance payment which is $1.50 for every thousand views.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ehow Site to make money with

I have been a member there since late July last year and been getting paid ever since once for each month. Last month, I made under $25 which I got my payment yesterday for it. They pay you by paypal and it's the only payment they do for now. They are in the process of wanting to add international people to write and make money but for now, they are not doing that.
For the time being, please check out my articles there from my profile. If you are interested in making money with what you like to write about, check this out and do the writer's compensation program.

The writer's compensation program is the only way for anybody to make money with their writing. If you do not sign up for it, then you won't get any. I found this out within a month after I started writing for them. They pay you by paypal and google adsense gives some money to ehow so then ehow can distribute it to the writers who write for ehow.

Here is my profile.
Laurie's ehow profile

Make friends, comment on each other's articles and message each other is great to increase your income. Wonderful people to network and get ideas and tips to each other. Not only sharing what you know, but also learn it from others.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My life as a freelance writer and a mom

My day as as freelance mom is not the way that I wanted for everyday. I love my girls but my boyfriend is one of those types who believe in me having to take care of the kids 24/7 it seem even though him and his mom get to make more than I do.
They don't understand that in order for a mom like me to succeed with my writing, I need to work on it just like they get to for at least 8 hours a day unless they don't work on that day. Which brings me to meeting other moms like me that would like to work at home whether it's freelance writing, phone work, etc. I love helping other moms of what I know and give them as much knowledge where they would be able to help themselves.
Sites I particularly like that are geared towards moms wanting to work at home. One of them is made by a wahd (work at home dad). He seem to understand at least what it was like to be a work at home parent wanting to make a living.

Work At Home Careers
WAHM site
Money Making Mommy
Rat Race Rebellion
work at home no scams wahd here that made this site"
Freelance Job Openings
freelance Writing Gigs
freelance Mom

Next time, I will tell you some of the sites that I write at where I am making some money. Every one of us wants to earn as much as we want. Until then, au revoir (goodbye in french).