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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Internet Mastery Center

If you are wondering what this site is about, it's a site that talks about how anyone can succeed with making money online and some ideas of what they have. They even have a section where you can do reciprocal link which means you exchange links with each other so then you can both benefit of getting free traffic. If one person have someone on their list or a visitor that might be interested in what someone else has to offer and it would be on that other person's site, there are free traffic and maybe a potential to make even more or any money.

Internet Mastery Center - Download $347 worth of FREE Internet Marketing gifts!

This site offer you free stuff if you subscribe and so far, I like it. If you are interested in learning on how you can improbe yourself even more for self development, then you are perfect to try this out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 site

This is a site where you can take advantage of free work at home kind of work that has to do with SFI. I personally am not a SFi member but because I thought this is a great way to get more exposure for my blog.
If you are trying to find a way where you can earn passive income, this is a neat business to get into and there is no out of pocket fee. I keep seeing this company's ad all the time and despite that, I chose to do the freelance writing/blogging business.
If you are interested in earning money at home, come and click on the link down here.
Free Work From Home Jobs site

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Exercise Through Excellence Site

I wrote about this on my Fitness And Nutrition Review SIte where I personally have a concern about childhood obesity. After viewing the video that Mike posted on facebook, it is a scary thought there. If you want to read more of what my thoughts are and how you can contribute more to this cause, please read more from my fitness and nutrition review blog.

The button above this article is a way to make payment to the organization that is against childhood obesity and to lower that epedemic. It is pretty sad how kids are this obese compare to a decade or even two decades ago.

Friday, February 20, 2009

EwriterPro program

I am not sure if everyone knows about this program but I thought about to pass the word around. For most people that are making money online the most, they all know something. Some of them make more by promoting their own ebook that they made so they use a ebook maker program and I came across a wonderful price which is just too bad to pass up.

Happy Day Offer for EWriterPro Program

For now, it's just $7 to get and get it before the price for it goes much higher. I think once I came across this too which was $10 but for me, I got it for $7.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Review Party-Get paid to review

I am not sure how many people know about this site but they pay you to do reviews. I just wrote a piece about Suze Orman's book called Women and Money which is a book review. You do reviews on books, movies and DVDs which was added recently. You can also use the same ID that you sign up at bloggerparty as you do on this site which you do not need to reregister. The difference between blogger party and review party is that you can talk about anything at blogger party compare to review party.

"">Review Party Link Of Laurie1979

If you love to do reviews on books, movies or even DVDs that you get or know someone that have them and have seen it, read it or heard it, get paid to do reviews. Not only is it fun but can network with others about this. You can even put HTMl links on the site if you want. You have the option whether to have it linked in to your amazon affiliate program or just stick in your HTMl to whatever.

Fusion Cash

Free Money at FusionCash!

Fucion Cash is one of the legit companies where you get paid to do stuff online such as doing offers, refer others,and even posting up on the forum for members but it's just $3 a month for 30 postings. It is one of the great sites in order to make some extra money at home. If you are interested to know what this is all about, read more about it if you want and signing up is very easy. Get that $5 bonus money before it's gone.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

personal money store that pays you to write for them

Personal Money Store Pay per Post We Buy Articles
I came across this site from another writer that is a Austrailian resident and thought to pass this along to everyone that would love to write about payday loans and stuff.

I personally do not want to write for them for now but later on I might. I am busy with doing some other content writing/blogging.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Get paid just to click and this site is well known as well. if you are wondering if I had ever gotten paid, the answer is yes. Only once because you have to reach $25 in order to get that payment. I love being able to earn this money for free and are always looking for advertisers. Someone like me click on the link and see the ad and decide whether to join it or not. Can get some information about other people's home based business which a majority of people that I get ads about own a mlm/network marketing company to recruit others. If you think you might be interested in making some free extra money, click on the link below.

Hits4pay Link

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Send Earnings

I have been a member of Send Earnings for a long while and so far, made some money but because I haven't been active, I didn't earn as much as I would like but here is the opportunity to earn if interested. They have paid offers, surveys, emails sent to your inbox to let you know you got some, and earn a certain percentage if your referrals did any shopping online.

They are a legitimate company in case you were wondering and they have been around for years. This is one of the many ways for anyone to earn income at home for free.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Get Paid To site.

As a member there, I love that they have so many different offers just like a lot of them. But the thing is that when it comes to prizes, I like the monetary part. I think everyone love the monetary part the most.

For the gift cards, you have to accumulate at least $5 or $10 for the gift cards that are for some of the prizes. If you are not into gift cards, there is the monetary incentive where you get payment to your paypal. In order to get your payment, you have to sign in, click on available prizes and then for the cash, click on paypal no minimum. This site is one of those get paid to do offers and whatever points you get for each offer, is what you get for cash. There are some free offers that doesn't pay much like the ones that have to do with free trial.

I personally made a few amount there but despite that, it doesn't take long to do. But the only thing that is not so great is having to wait to see if the offers you did are acceptable.

Vindale Research to do Product Reviews

I had known about this for a long time but didn't do anything until recently.
You get paid to do surveys, get paid to try out products and filling in the information about you so then you could get some more surveys and products to review.
They seem pretty legit and since they have been around for a long time, I figure I might as well give it a go. First survey had to do with me filling in some personal information and I made $2 within 5 minutes. Not hard to do with a days work.
Here is the button to go see it and make some extra money here.

Get Free Marketing Tips and Ideas

Hey there.
In case any of you are lost on marketing online and stuff about your business, there is a couple that are one of my friends at home based business network site that I would like to let others know about. The tips and tricks are totally free to check ouot and you can subscribe to get their tips.

Free Tips For Your Business

They don't just offer marketing tips but other stuff that have to do with your business. Such as mainly that has to do with sales though.
If you want some sales idea to get your business to a good start, read this blog because they are pretty good with what they offer.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Honest Riches

Honest Riches shows you how you can make money at home like any other one. But for this one, they have like 10 ebooks in one ebook all together. If you are trying to find ways to make money, this is one of the many products to try.

Click here to get Make Money Online - Honest Riches

They explain some of the stuff that are needed in order to succeed working at home. Not only is it great to check this out but also being educated about different ways to make income at home. I love this simple fact that when I needed information about something, I can check it out and the ebook have it. They list different ways to make income at home.

Revolution Money Exchange like Paypal

If any of you don't know, this one is like paypal with the exception of one thing. They give you monetary reward if you got signups under you of $10 each signups.
From my own experience, this is very legit company because they actually pay me and I can have them mail me a check or stick it on my debit card that they have there where the money would be on. It is totally free to join with no fee tacked on.

I don't know about you but I prefer maybe the card option because then that way, you can use it in any way that you want. Or maybe a check is better to get since you can stick it in your own checking account. Or have someone help you cash it. Here is the signup button down below this sentence.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Another Ehow Ebook Showing how to profit

This is another ebook that I purchase written by WriterGig on ehow.

Click here to view more details

The link from above will tell you on how you can profit from this lucrative writing site. At firtt, you won't make very much right away but if you give it enough time and some love, you will be able to make a lot more because you gave it your all with your time. I am not suggesting to just use ehow but use it in conjunction to other stuff that you are making money with.

This is a ebook that I love getting some tips that Janet Ford missed as well as what Janet and WriterGig both stated when it comes to making your own profile there. If you do decide to get into ehow, don't forget to sign up for the WCP (Writer's Compensation Program). You won't regret it.

Great book on making money on Ehow.....

Ehow has been around and lots of people know about it. I am personally on there myself. If you want, look me up as laurie1979. I love ehow myself and still working on my goal of getting that grand a month thing. For now, I am not getting much but it's better than nothing.

It is a site and a community place for writers to share what they know with each other and the world. Plus make friends and get some money. The payment has to reach at least $10 a month and so far, I had been getting paid more than the previous months as each months passes by. I have been a member there since late July 2008 and love meeting and talking with others.

The reason why I am talking about ehow is because I am promoting a ebook that I personally purchase myself where the author name Janet Ford made it possible for anyone to get some traffic to their articles at ehow and make some money in the process as well as some marketing ideas.

She is very clear on making the profile for yourself and any other areas there needed in order to make some. If you are interested in getting the ebook, Ehow Ebook Showing how to make money at ehow

Survey Scout Is One of the best

I am a member at Survey Scout and I must say that I like what it has to offer there. What the site offer is not just get paid to do surveys but such as get paid to drive, get paid to try stuff, which you name it, they got it there.
They even have a section about getting a work from home jobs if you wanted to and the site is pretty easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.

The color is ok and if you are looking to make some additional income at home instead of where you have to be outside of the house doing these things, this is one of the sites to check out what they offer. I personally love some of the sites where I get paid to do surveys and in conjunction to checking out about doing different stuff there.
Click Here!

I would like to know what you all think about survey scout and I personally love this. I have made some money with doing surveys at home. Not a lot of them pay that good but it's extra money that are worth getting.


Hey everyone.
I am not sure if any of you know about this site but they pay you to blog. I personally am a member there but haven't gotten any task yet to do. I don't check up on it but it is a legitimate site. I don't think that they give out task that often because everytime I checked up on it, I never get any but one of my blogs got approved.

If you are interested in making money from blogging because you are doing it, sign up for it and see if your blog got approved. I have it easier with this one compare to pay per post and social spark. I will tell you more about them later some other time.

They have top bloggers on there which is my goal.
Blogsvertise Site to click on

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AdClick Media

I just found out about this opportunity and it reminds me of blogsvertise because you are posting a ad where advertisers wanted to advertise with the company.
The company is still new since it came out last month and the name is AdClick Media. I do not know much but it seem pretty good to be a publisher and sign up to be one for free. You can even be a advertiser for them and I think it's a sweet deal to be one of the first to get into this opportunity.

I will ask around and spread the word out plus get opinions from others if they decided to get into this.

The button down here is for you to sign up as a publisher.

Helium as a Legit site to write at

Helium is well known by people that are looking for getting paid to write. I personally have one article up there but have no money coming from there compare to ehow and Associated Content. Despite that, it seem pretty good to get into if you have the time and stuff to work on the articles that you want people to view.

Not only that but there is a marketplace area that editors and other writing jobs are being posted on there. The requirement is that you have to have a star in order to get into it with different opportunity to write what is needed. Some of them have really great monetary incentive but then there are others that are ok to take.

Take this site seriously if you want to get into writing what is in the marketplace. It is a possibility that you will be found on here to write for some magazine or even a book.

Click on the button up above here and check it out. It is totally free to get into and you will thank me for it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Triple Your List site

I came across this site by someone mentioning it and I did some research. I decided to join since this could benefit me. Despite that I don't charge people to join under me, this is my way to spread the word about whatever I have to offer to make money off of. And you can do the same thing.

Such as your own website to try to get people to purchase what you have there as well as maybe join under you of free programs.
Most people don't have the money at all to get into some programs such as mlm/network marketing companies because a lot of stay at home parents don't really have their own funds but having to share it with their significant other. I share mine with mine and so, I need to be very careful there.

Check out the link down here and let me know what you think. I already had a few people's email address to try to send it to. I know some other sites to try to promote your business.

Triple Your List Site of Laurie

Sunday, February 1, 2009

AdSense Package

Hi everyone.
I came across this deal that have something to do with adsense website package.
I just signed up because everyone know about adsense and they have a neat affiliate program to get into. If you sign up, you get that free $10 bonus but it is only throough paypal as the payment method.

Click on the link below to sign up if interested. It doesn't hurt to spread the word. To me, it is somewhat expensive but whatever floats people's boat is fine with me. Maybe someday, I will personally purchase their product but for the time being, checking out their affiliate program.
Here it is once again.

Adsense packages site and check out affiliate program

Get An Extra percentage off of Jewelry

Amazon have a neat sale from between February 2-14, 2009 where it have to do with jewelry. The link below is to see the selection of jewelry that are on sale starting tomorrow until the 14th for Valentine's Day but after that, the sale is no longer available but if you are interested or know someone that would love to save themselves money on some, come and check what the company offer.
Amazon Valentine Jewelry Merchandise

I personally love jewelry but I am more into books to be honest. I do have some jewelry such as earrings for ears pierce as well as necklace, bracelet, rings.

But if you are into different kinds of gifts to give for Valentine's Day, check out Amazon Valentine Gift Giving Merchandise
There are different gift selections and if you are into saving as much money as you can, it is a way to go here.
If you know someone that would want some valentine merchandise, can save yourself some money by having them deliver the product(s) that you want to give it to someone special that you know of or to others that you think might want some.

I know that my blog hardly post anything that are on sale for anything but I will make an exception here. But if you are interested in doing amazon associates program, this is a good way to get your feet into just like adsense. In conjunction to adsense, why not also use other affiliate programs that are out on the net?