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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My life as a freelance writer and a mom

My day as as freelance mom is not the way that I wanted for everyday. I love my girls but my boyfriend is one of those types who believe in me having to take care of the kids 24/7 it seem even though him and his mom get to make more than I do.
They don't understand that in order for a mom like me to succeed with my writing, I need to work on it just like they get to for at least 8 hours a day unless they don't work on that day. Which brings me to meeting other moms like me that would like to work at home whether it's freelance writing, phone work, etc. I love helping other moms of what I know and give them as much knowledge where they would be able to help themselves.
Sites I particularly like that are geared towards moms wanting to work at home. One of them is made by a wahd (work at home dad). He seem to understand at least what it was like to be a work at home parent wanting to make a living.

Work At Home Careers
WAHM site
Money Making Mommy
Rat Race Rebellion
work at home no scams wahd here that made this site"
Freelance Job Openings
freelance Writing Gigs
freelance Mom

Next time, I will tell you some of the sites that I write at where I am making some money. Every one of us wants to earn as much as we want. Until then, au revoir (goodbye in french).

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