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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ehow Site to make money with

I have been a member there since late July last year and been getting paid ever since once for each month. Last month, I made under $25 which I got my payment yesterday for it. They pay you by paypal and it's the only payment they do for now. They are in the process of wanting to add international people to write and make money but for now, they are not doing that.
For the time being, please check out my articles there from my profile. If you are interested in making money with what you like to write about, check this out and do the writer's compensation program.

The writer's compensation program is the only way for anybody to make money with their writing. If you do not sign up for it, then you won't get any. I found this out within a month after I started writing for them. They pay you by paypal and google adsense gives some money to ehow so then ehow can distribute it to the writers who write for ehow.

Here is my profile.
Laurie's ehow profile

Make friends, comment on each other's articles and message each other is great to increase your income. Wonderful people to network and get ideas and tips to each other. Not only sharing what you know, but also learn it from others.

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