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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Associated Content to Make Money By Writing

Hey everyone. If any of you know about AC, it is a site that pays writers where they have the chance to get the upfront payment. I had been told recently that AC is a scam. I personally got paid upfront money by the company for six different articles out of seven. I have written more articles there and seeing if mine are good enough to get the upfront payment.
Associated Content Articles
That link is one of the articles that I got paid. Despite what most of them stating that it is a scam, it's not. It's probably because they didn't get the upfront payment whatsoever.
If you are trying to get some published pieces online, I recommend this site to try to get upfront money but they have three different options for each of your articles. If you never ever published any of the pieces, choose either the full rights to AC or choose the second option where you and AC get half of the rights equally for each one. But the difference is that the whole rights that you give to AC, the bigger the payment it would be.
Despite that they give you somewhat bigger payment, I prefer the second option so then I could reuse that same article and stick it at other places.
As for the third option, it is only for pieces that either didn't qualify to get the upfront money or had previously been published somewhere. Despite what that option may be, it is somewhar worth getting for the performance payment which is $1.50 for every thousand views.

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