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Friday, February 6, 2009

Great book on making money on Ehow.....

Ehow has been around and lots of people know about it. I am personally on there myself. If you want, look me up as laurie1979. I love ehow myself and still working on my goal of getting that grand a month thing. For now, I am not getting much but it's better than nothing.

It is a site and a community place for writers to share what they know with each other and the world. Plus make friends and get some money. The payment has to reach at least $10 a month and so far, I had been getting paid more than the previous months as each months passes by. I have been a member there since late July 2008 and love meeting and talking with others.

The reason why I am talking about ehow is because I am promoting a ebook that I personally purchase myself where the author name Janet Ford made it possible for anyone to get some traffic to their articles at ehow and make some money in the process as well as some marketing ideas.

She is very clear on making the profile for yourself and any other areas there needed in order to make some. If you are interested in getting the ebook, Ehow Ebook Showing how to make money at ehow

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