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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Helium as a Legit site to write at

Helium is well known by people that are looking for getting paid to write. I personally have one article up there but have no money coming from there compare to ehow and Associated Content. Despite that, it seem pretty good to get into if you have the time and stuff to work on the articles that you want people to view.

Not only that but there is a marketplace area that editors and other writing jobs are being posted on there. The requirement is that you have to have a star in order to get into it with different opportunity to write what is needed. Some of them have really great monetary incentive but then there are others that are ok to take.

Take this site seriously if you want to get into writing what is in the marketplace. It is a possibility that you will be found on here to write for some magazine or even a book.

Click on the button up above here and check it out. It is totally free to get into and you will thank me for it.

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