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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Get Paid To site.

As a member there, I love that they have so many different offers just like a lot of them. But the thing is that when it comes to prizes, I like the monetary part. I think everyone love the monetary part the most.

For the gift cards, you have to accumulate at least $5 or $10 for the gift cards that are for some of the prizes. If you are not into gift cards, there is the monetary incentive where you get payment to your paypal. In order to get your payment, you have to sign in, click on available prizes and then for the cash, click on paypal no minimum. This site is one of those get paid to do offers and whatever points you get for each offer, is what you get for cash. There are some free offers that doesn't pay much like the ones that have to do with free trial.

I personally made a few amount there but despite that, it doesn't take long to do. But the only thing that is not so great is having to wait to see if the offers you did are acceptable.

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