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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AdClick Media

I just found out about this opportunity and it reminds me of blogsvertise because you are posting a ad where advertisers wanted to advertise with the company.
The company is still new since it came out last month and the name is AdClick Media. I do not know much but it seem pretty good to be a publisher and sign up to be one for free. You can even be a advertiser for them and I think it's a sweet deal to be one of the first to get into this opportunity.

I will ask around and spread the word out plus get opinions from others if they decided to get into this.

The button down here is for you to sign up as a publisher.


  1. Have you been paid by this network as yet. How esy was it ?

  2. I have been with adclick media for a couple of months and they have been great to deal with.